Mira Spirit

Own a cottage on the famous Mira River on Cape Breton Island

Make A Dream Come True

Mira Spirit

The new, small 'village' consists of 16 lots, 4 of them with existing cottages and a 'village pub' in the centre - the Riverbank Restaurant. The infrastructure, roads, water supply, sewage field, marina and the village square are common property. In Canada, this is called a 'Landowner Condominium'.

The Location

Mira Spirit is located on the Mira River, a quiet river seascape. The next town is Marion Bridge with a gas station, a convenience store, the post office and can be reached in 5 minutes. The closest city is Sydney with an old town centre, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theatres, a harbour, the hospital and it is only 15 minutes away.

Many vacationers are more than impressed by the beauty of Cape Breton, the tranquility it radiates, the outstanding recreational value and very relaxed way of life here on the island.

The Visionaries

Tom and Eva Kummer have been living on Cape Breton Island since they acquired that beautiful piece of land in 1997. First they build 3 cottages and a restaurant. Later, the system was expanded to include another holiday cottages and a guest house. This resulted in the Riverbank Restaurant and Mira River Cottages.

The Idea

Through discussions with visitors and guests the idea grew over the years to convert the cottages and the land around into a small village. Here are just some of the reasons why guests wanted and want to have a holiday home right here:

  • Year long supervision and maintenance! There is always someone on site
  • If the new homeowner does not use the cottage (sometimes they even do not live in Canada), it can be rented out to other holiday guests. This can be handled by a third party from marketing, booking, welcoming the guests to the final cleaning
  • Through the village community the cottages are safer than on land 'in solitude'
  • Manageable costs
  • No own water well and private septic field needed (savings approx. $ 30,000)
  • The lots are 0.5 acre to almost 2 acre and are easy to maintain and manage
  • Privacy surrounded by nature and yet close to town
  • Snow clearing service for visits at wintertime
  • Retirees are not isolated and lonely here, but integrated into a village community
  • You can move in immediately into an existing cottage in case you do not want to build a new house

The New Homeowners

The village residents must be fans of Cape Breton, with respect for the country and the people. Cape Breton's charm is captivating. The people are friendly and communicative. The daily rhythm is slower, life has its own speed, it's all very laid-back and dominated by nature. The people are more than proud of their 'rock in a stream'. For some Europeans, this type of lifestyle is not very familiar and sometimes it's not easy to follow: a date at 10 is more 'ten-ish' s and a cup of tea or coffee (typically at Tim Horton's) is something that must take time for. If you like to relax, or simply get away from it all, have fun in life and know what 'pleasure' means Mira Spirit on Cape Breton Island is the right address for you.


If you think this idea might be one you are looking for, keep on reading and get back to us later