Lot prices


Good to know:

All existing houses can be rebuilt, expanded and designed according to your preferences.

A boat dock which is located directly on the Mira River is community property. All lot/cottages owners have access to water and may use the marina area.

To appear in person is mandatory to become a 'citizen' of Mira Spirit.

To get to know the country, people and Cape Breton Island the existing cottages are available for interested buyers. The rent for up to one week will be credited against the purchase price. Other special rates are available for new Mira Spirit residents.

A merger of two or more plots is not permitted.

Lot 8, 9, 10 and 11 have additionally direct, private access to the Mira River.

Water supply, sewage system and power lines are already in place and are included in the purchase price, which results in savings of approx. $30,000 compared with new land development since neither a private well and sewage system nor power site preparations are needed.

Include the connections (water, power, sewage) to and into your own cottage and your private driveway from the Mira Spirit access road.


Prices are shown in Canadian Dollars and include all purchase costs and legal fees up to $1500.00.



Lot 6

Size: 2300qm
Price: $44,677.50

Lot 7

Size: 2,225 qm
Price: $44,677.50

Lot 16

Size: 2,629 qm

Lot 17

Size: 2,080 qm

Lot 14

Size: 2,527 qm


Lot 13

Size: 2,620 qm


Lot 12

Size: 2674qm

Lot 8


Lot 9


Lot 10

Size:  1acre ( 4000qm )
Price: $78,200.00


Lot 11